Amazon SES

Amazon SES


Follow this guide to get Amazon SES setup in your Divjoy codebase. Click the ▶︎ icon next to any step to see a detailed walkthrough with screenshots. If anything is confusing please reach out.


We only recommend you use the Amazon SES option if you are familiar with Amazon AWS and comfortable managing security credentials. The below guide shows you the quickest way to get up and running by generating root user access keys. Keep in mind that anyone that gets these keys will have unrestricted access to your entire AWS account. If you need stronger security please defer to the official AWS documentation.

Basic Setup

Setup a new domain for email sending by going to the SES Service in your AWS Console → Domains → then click "Verify a New Domain". You'll then need to add the specified DNS records to your domain via your DNS provider.
Create an Access Key ID and Secret Access Key by going to "My Security Credentials" in the account dropdown, clicking the "Access keys" section, clicking the "Create New Access Key" button, clicking "Show Access Key", then copying those values into your codebase .env file.
Verify the email address you'd like to use by going to "Email Addresses" and then clicking the "Verify a New Email Address" button. After you've verified the address you'll need to add it to your codebase .env file.