Major features that are coming to Divjoy. For a history of past releases see our changelog.

In Progress —

Professional Tailwind template

Tailwind integration is already live with a minimal template, but we’ll be adding a much fancier one soon.

Upgrade all UI kits

We’ll be upgrading Material UI to v5, as well as other other UI kits we offer to their latest version.

Advanced pagination logic

The Divjoy dashboard will include pagination and we’ll provide a handy usePaginatedQuery hook that allows you to easily paginate any data.

Planned —

Gatsby integration

Support Gatsby as a framework option

Cookie consent banner

Option to include a cookie consent banner in your codebase for GDPR compliance

Exclude UI kit option

Option to exclude UI kit integration. You'll get pages and basic unstyled elements so that everything works.. but you'll need to make it pretty.

Firebase Hosting

Add Firebase as a hosting option

Next.js on Netlify

Add support for Next.js codebases with Netlify as the host using the Next.js Build Plugin.

Tailwind (with Templates)

Add Tailwind as a UI kit option with templates and library of components.

Browse and export individual components

Allow people to browse all our components in a nice directory (rather than only in the editor) and make it easy to export the code for an individual component. Nice if you've already exported a codebase and want to come back just to grab a single component.


Add internationalization (multi-language) as an export option, powered by the react-i18next library.


Option to create an ecommerce site with product catalog and shopping cart. Will hook into your preferred headless ecommerce provider.


Allow people to export a TypeScript codebase

Teams (multi-tenant)

Add teams integration to apps so that end-users can invite people to their team. Will include email invite/accept flow and ability to restrict teams functionality to higher plan.

Divjoy Library Github repo

Allow access to a private Github repo that contains all components. Useful if you want to see see code change history, contribute fixes, or submit new components. For now you can request access.

And much more ...

We've got a lot of potential features on our list, but want to make sure we're carefully prioritizing based on demand. Please reach out and let us know what you'd like to see.

This roadmap only includes major features. There are many other priorities, improvements, bug fixes, and marketing initiatives that may also be prioritized. Feel free to shoot us a message anytime with your questions and feature requests.