Running locally

After exporting your codebase you'll want to consult the readme.md file in the root of your project for the instructions on running your project locally, as this can differ a bit depending on your chosen stack options.

Here's how you'd run your app if you selected the default stack (React and Vercel):

Install dependencies

npm install

Update your .env file with values for each specified environment variable. Instructions for setting up each service and finding API keys can be found under integration guides.

etc ...

Install the Vercel CLI

npm install -g vercel

Link codebase to a Vercel project and run development server

vercel dev

When the above command completes you'll see your web app at http://localhost:3000

Note: You can run just the front-end with npm run start, but vercel dev also handles running your API endpoints (located in the /api directory).

Any questions you have that aren't answered here? Please reach out and let us know. We'll answer your question and then improve the docs for others.