UI kit and components

Divjoy let's you choose from 2 pre-built templates, with easy access to a visual component library containing 50+ full-width section components (think Navbar, Hero, Pricing, Settings, Dashboard). We've rebuilt all these templates/ components across all the UI kits we support.

Pages are generally just a bunch of full-width section components in a row. The logic and state for a given section is contained within that section component so they are very easy to move around. Each section component exposes some common props at the top level, such as bgColor , but you can of course open up a given component and customize it to your needs.


Here's a a Material UI Hero component. Notice how we pass along props related to the section style into a Section component. We've put a lot of effort into how our components are composed so that there is minimal code duplication in your codebase.


Any questions you have that aren't answered here? Please reach out and let us know. We'll answer your question and then improve the docs for others.